Hangover hell

When nothing works because you genuinely took it past the point of no return, even though you told yourself the night before you would have a couple less tomorrow. The kids will still be there, and you’ll feel their presence greater than ever. DISTRACTION can work so can IGNORATION. Exhaust distraction first by letting them watch TV and play with all the toys they could think of. After that, when you still need to lie down, even the babiest of babies can be ignored temporarily. Put all kids in one room, provide entertainment and WALK AWAY. It won’t harm children to learn that sometimes, adults don’t give a crap about building dens, or finger painting. There are many theories to suggest that children should be treated as adults where possible in order to encourage their understanding as they grow up. When they are teenagers for example, and they expect their parents and teachers to pander to their every desire, they will likely be traumatised when someone eventually hits them with the ‘GET OVER YOURSELF’ card. There are also people who say that being constantly ignored makes kids feel worthless and undervalued NOT TRUE, it in fact gives them more of a drive to make things happen for themselves as opposed to relying on others, unless there is an underlying mental health issue which prevents them from understanding reality. So don’t feel bad about locking them in their bedrooms or even the garden for a whole day whilst you recover. My kids always know that when mummy is hungover beyond the pale they have to look after themselves, and they do, with no detriment to their overall behaviour and attitude towards life. The only thing you must stress before leaving them to get on with it, is that actions have consequences. If they destroy things, or hurt each other, then next time they will have to go without. This means no toys, and they won’t be together because you can’t trust them. The first time they will naturally test the boundaries and do what you have told them not to do. So a few days later when you are suffering again, follow through and leave them on their own without toys. They will then understand that even days later, the consequences still stand and rest assured…… THEY WON’T DO IT AGAIN! Unless they are completely stupid, or mentally handicapped.

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