What a dick…

So I’m visiting my friend in a hospital, and I decide to pop out for a cigarette. I roll one in the room, and head out to smoke it, leaving the paraphernalia behind. I’m minding my own business, smoking my own cigarette, when this guy stops and asks if I have a spare fag. I say “no sorry” and try to explain I haven’t got the means to give him one. He totally flies off the handle, screaming and shouting and proceeds to call me a LYING TWAT. I guess that he is homeless and having a rough time so I spare him the kick in the bollocks he deserves and walk away.

A week later the exact same scenario occurs, more fool me really for repeating the act because I don’t actually object to handing out cigs. This time he is rather aggressive about the whole thing, but doesn’t make any reference to the first incidence so I guess he has forgot as he likely does it a lot. Again it’s a secluded area so I tell him to get lost as politely as possible.

Then two days later, my husband comes with me to visit our friend and on the way home we decide to stop for a pint in a nearby pub. And guess what…, the guy appears again and asks my hubby for a rolling paper. He was about to to oblige and give him one, when I said ‘no don’t give him anything’. Hubby looked shocked and asked why. I told him that the man standing before him had called me a LYING TWAT when I couldn’t give him a cigarette. This time he had nothing to say for himself and walked away.

When I was alone and he didn’t get what he wanted he had a right pop, yet when called out in front of a bunch of drunk blokes he scurried away! I was fuming for hours.

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