The Dreaded Hangover

You don’t have to dread them you know. All you have to do to avoid them is have kids. There are three reasons for this:

A- kids keep you so busy that you never really have time for the hangover to manifest. It’s not like you can stay in bed wollowing, unless they’re still locked in a cot.

B- with them waking you up and running you ragged, by 10am you should have certainly had another drink. Hair of the dog, works every time.

C- you’ve been pregnant right, so you can get anti nausea meds. You simply visit your GP at any point in your pregnancy and tell them that you are throwing up so much you can’t keep food down and it’s making you feel even worse because you’re always dizzy as a result. Then you save the pills, or even better mug them off and get a repeat prescription.

All your hangover woes will be gone, even if you have to take all 3 measures at once.

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