Is it ok…

Started my blog last night. So here’s my first proper write:

Is it ok…

Is it ok to drink in front of your baby… well yeah duh, they don’t understand!

Is it ok to take your baby to the pub… sure, most nights. Maybe not when they have live entertainment or karaoke as you may not be able to enjoy it if they get upset by the noise.

Is it ok to smoke in front of your baby… are they exposed to second hand smoke regardless of whether or not you smoke? Yup

Is it ok to teach your baby to smoke… well, not really, which was evident when a serial meme maker created this toy, advertising it as ‘my first vape’. Shame it was a hoax really because they say that if you don’t make a big deal about stuff, kids wont either, therefore they’d be less likely to smoke themselves if we let them walk around vaping.

Is it ok to be drunk in charge of an infant… not according to my mother in law, but I’ve never been arrested for it. It’s the same as smoking on hospital grounds, it’s technically unacceptable but ten police officers can walk past you and none of them will bat an eyelid.

Is it ok to let strangers look after your baby whilst you pop to the loo, or in my case – the bar… they’re in a public place, drinking, just like you. They clearly share the same ideology as you, therefore it’s probably safer than some random babysitter that you know nothing about.

I dare say some people won’t think these things are ok, however they work for us. We are a very happy family unit, and I suspect it’s because of the booze. We are always relaxed as a result.


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