Blue or Pink – Red or White

Disclaimer – all views are my own, there is no research to back this. I love to state facts but this one is just a bit of fun.

Read this article for clarification of you like.

So basically..

If you are the yummy mummy of a young boy, you ought to be drinking red wine. If you’ve a little lady, then you want white.


Well firstly: boys are fitter than girls, so you will need more energy to look after them. You have to play footie and go skateboarding with boys which is hard work, especially if you’re a woman. Though all wine is good for you, red is more nutritious so will keep you healthier.

Secondly: you can take this from someone with a fair few years experience – the hangover is never as bad.

White wine is typically more favourable to women than red, especially at a young age, so if you’re into white then your daughter will be inclined to start drinking with you from an earlier age.

Also, it’s easier to drink so you can get through a bottle much quicker. This is necessary as girls typically don’t sleep as long as boys do so you won’t have a much time to get slowly pissed.

That’s me for the night anyway. Took my kids out for dinner this evening. They didn’t actually have any dinner mind you, just pudding, but as they wish. I had two bottles of prosecco and a bottle of white, and most of my kids are boys. So do as I say, not as I do is the advice.

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